Friday, April 11, 2008


Here's my latest creation.

An Excite Bike Lite Brite!
(try saying THAT ten times fast!)

I really had to get creative with colors on this one, due to a limited amount of pegs, and all but it turned out really great, methinks.

So here you are:

And with the camera flash on:

And here's a source image, just so you can see what I was using as my main reference while I was creating the design. I tried to keep as many of the surrounding details as I could using the pegs that I had. Even the patterns of the lines on the road and the grass and rocks, etc...:

And remember, be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts!
Comments are open to everyone, not just members, so tell me what you think, and remind me that I'm not crazy for continuing to do this! ;]


Justin said...

Dude that is wicked amazing. I love it.

Mandy-chan said...

Spectacular! >:3 <3

Anonymous said...

This is the best Lite Brite themed blog on the internet!

Tim said...

Keep up the good work!

I made my own based on your design