Saturday, March 15, 2008

Megaman VS. Crashman!!!

I've been wanting to do a megaman 2 themed one for a while now...

It's ridiculously hard to create detailed characters with the limitations of lite brite, but here's a replica of the boss room in crash man's level from mega man 2 as best as I could do it justice in colored plastic pegs.

Also note that my camera majorly fucks up the colors when I take pictures of it! Something with the glare of the lite shining through makes everything look all washed out, but alas, without further ado, here it is!

And with the flash on:

Just payin' my respects to the greatest megaman game of all time :)


Pnutwannabe said...

Dude, sick LightBrite.

Poop Mouth said...

This is my fav! Megaman 2 is the best megaman, good call

Anonymous said...

I think you could make a nifty full-scale model of mega man without having to sacrifice the quality of the original sprite. I mean, a whole lite brite with mega man jumping, or something.